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unbelievable lag in WoW on a r290

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  3. unbelievable lag in WoW on a r290

User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#31
xcmon3yx2 posted...
Psykechan posted...
A little bit of Googling gave me this:

It's a driver issue, which has been resolved. Use a current driver.

WoW also has its own tech support forum. Next time use that if you are having problems. Requesting topic lock as this could turn into flame war.

heres the thing, i am on the latest driver, jesus. already rma'd and ordered a gtx 780, not dealing with this amd crap

Because Nvidia has NEVER shipped bad GPUs? Seems you've forgotten the 7800/8800 PCB thermal glue etc. fiasco....I lean more towards Nvidia hardware, but your opinion is ludicrous - every vendor ships the odd bad card, your odds are no better/worse with Nvidia.
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  3. unbelievable lag in WoW on a r290

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