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thinking about getting into the Assassin's Creed series.

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User Info: wwarren19

3 years ago#1
there are sooooooooo many AC games. I meant to get AC1 when all i had was a 360 back in the day. i put it off and next thing i know there's 1 every year. should i start with 1 or skip it and jump in later in the series?
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User Info: aak57

3 years ago#2
Play AC2 and Brotherhood then call it a day.
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User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#3
Skip 1, read a summary, then play in order. They are all very similar though, I would recommend giving some time between games.

You could probably skip 3 as well. I enjoyed it but it definitely had problems. The main character has the personality of a brick wall, making him annoying to play as in the story. He's far better in the side missions though.
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User Info: Sienrurouni

3 years ago#4
Definitely play 1. It can be really repetitive and gets a lot of flack for it, but honestly it's the only one that does anything that interesting. You're actually playing as an assassin instead of it just being a generic action adventure game with boss fights and linear levels.
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User Info: doctoglethorpe

3 years ago#5
Having never finished AC2 (part 1) and never played any of them sense, I actually think AC4 looks like a great time to jump back in (or jump in for the first time) since it seems to have pretty much abandoned the overarching story for more of a stand-alone spinoff venture.

User Info: DeathHope

3 years ago#6
AC 1 -> Story of Al'tair
AC 2, Brotherhood, Relevation -> Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
AC 3 -> Connor

If i had the time I would play every single one of them but since nobody is that free I'd say play at least AC2, brotherhood and revelations.

AC1 gets boring fast but it is the game in the series that you will feel like an assassin the most. AC2 has vastly improved gameplay elements and is probably the fun-est entry in the series plus Ezio's storyline is the most interesting out of the 3 protangonist we have.

AC3 is just ....meh IMO. Just hit "watch Assassin's Creed III all cutscenes" in Youtube and watch it all.
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User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#7
I bought AC III because of this trailer:

I was dissapointed...

User Info: spud_almighty

3 years ago#8
Play the original first and see where you want to take it. It doesn't really have side quests and all the little stuff for the small minded people so it's mostly just story based. I personally think it's still the best in the series for the simple fact it's gameplay is pretty basic and doesn't try to do too much at once.

User Info: Tyranius2

3 years ago#9
Play all of them in order. Don't listen to anyone telling you to skip the first

User Info: KingDFizzle

3 years ago#10
If you do want to play AC1, better do it now. It's very difficult to go back to after playing the later entries. The series made significant strides forward beginning with AC2.
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