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Is there a site that customizes PC parts?

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User Info: Gryffindor1

4 years ago#1
Say you want a certain color theme for a PC, but some of the parts you are getting aren't in that color or there are parts that are that color, but aren't a very good or reliable brands. Is there a site that can customize them?

User Info: Gryffindor1

4 years ago#2

User Info: PraetorXyn

4 years ago#3
Not really.

You can get cables sleeved a certain color, but most of those should be out of sight behind the panel anyway.

The only way they could do that would be by painting things, and that's not a good idea. In the case of fans, it would weigh them down and prevent them from spinning properly.

There are plenty of choices to make the color scheme you want.
And you could always put a couple of cold cathodes in there to cast a colored glow over everything and "override" the color scheme anyway.
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User Info: wizardmon

4 years ago#4
Now that I'm not in a bus on my phone I can edit this post.

There are a few parts in a PC that you actually can spray-paint, like the motherboard tray, hard drive bays, and the outside of the case itself if you got a nice flat metal one. Try to find a paint that won't mind the heat, and be doubly sure to not paint any standoff screws or anything that comes in contact with the actual guts of the PC. If your motherboard tray does not allow for the removal of standoff screws you can cover them in painters tape or something first, just be careful about that.

If you live near a store that does custom stickers, you could possibly get them to make some custom stickers to put over your plastic GPU shroud. You of course will have to design them yourself and such - if there isn't a store near you perhaps look online.

Sata cables, Case fans, ramsticks, Power supply cables and such can all be purchased in many different colors or even UV reactive if you want to throw in a UV light.

Basically it comes down to how willing you are to search for different colored parts, how much you want to spend to keep a constant color scheme, and how much effort you are willing to put into do-it-yourself customizations.
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