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Far Cry 3

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User Info: PsychoticFury

4 years ago#21
Far Cry 3 was excellent. Here, have some Midol, you woman.

User Info: DiviDude

4 years ago#22
Wait, do people generally think that Far Cry 1 is better? I think it's the worst of the Far Cry games, frankly.

User Info: spardasieg

4 years ago#23
Ha_D00D posted...
Based on your poll options, I'd equate you to a whining toddler.
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User Info: AmonAmarth

4 years ago#24
it was a very good game.
I also like FC1
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User Info: x_stevey_x

4 years ago#25
i got bored of it really fast.. reminded me of a fps trying to be skyrim.. but it just didn't work.
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