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Steam isn't downloading games for me

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User Info: galfasanta1111

3 years ago#1
It starts off at a solid download rate, which is 7.8MB/s for me. I then goes down gradually until it stops altogether.

How can I fix this?
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User Info: Eclypse9810

3 years ago#2
Did you forget your daily offering?
Have you had the dream again? A black goat with seven eyes that watches from the outside.

User Info: dlf

3 years ago#3
Have you tried rebooting the system it self? Steam? Anything else taking up bandwidth?
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User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#4
This was happening with my brothers computer, I changed his IP address then restarted the router/modem and it seemed to fix the problem.
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User Info: cainism25

3 years ago#5
Eclypse9810 posted...
Did you forget your daily offering?

1 baby lamb sacrifice req'd every month - or one uninstall of an Origin/Uplay game everyday.
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User Info: dragon504

3 years ago#6
the few times I've had download shenanigans from steam, I just restarted steam and it fixed the problem
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