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Did you set your Hard Drives up in RAID?

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User Info: daemon_dan

3 years ago#11
WerdnAndreW posted...
Also know that if you setup two drives in raid0 and 1 drive fails, all your data is gone.

Also this. So back up your s*** to an external once a week. An external that's only ever turned on TO backup data
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User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#12
There is more than one type of RAID array. Personally, I think RAID 0 is an accident waiting to happen. I'd like to move over to RAID 5 in the future.
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User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#13
Yes, two 1.5TB Caviar Blacks in a RAID 0 array, with frequent backups, I don't afraid of anything~
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User Info: bluezero

3 years ago#14
It's amazing that you guys optimize even the unnecessary things. RAID SSD's? Why?
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User Info: UberLurker

3 years ago#15
My PC doesn't RAID but my NAS has two 1 TB drives in a RAID 1 array.

Yeah I kind of feel the pinch of having just 1 TB instead of 2 TB, but man that redundancy really does it for me. Peace of mind and performance? I feel like I get to have my cake, and eat it too =)

BTW, yes I am aware that RAID 1 is no substitute for a proper backup, I still do that too... I'm just a bit lazier about it than I would be otherwise.
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