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What games gain performance boosts from Windows 8?

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User Info: DV8ingSources

4 years ago#21
StormKMD posted...
I have had SO many problems with windows 8. First, my laptops keyboard and touchpad stopped working until I wiped the drive and put 7 on it. Then, I've had to reinstall it on my desktop 3 times or so, until it just wouldn't boot and I said to hell with it, I'll just install 7. It's been fine since then.

PEBCAK with the desktop anyways. Laptop drivers may be a problem so I won't comment there. Not sure how you could screw up a simple OS install that badly tbh.
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Steam: DV8ing1

User Info: cloakedboltz

4 years ago#22
DirectX is bound to disappear (become obsolete) in a few years, if Mantle or another low-level GPU API is adopted.

User Info: EternalFlame66

4 years ago#23
Wait for Windows 9. Microsoft always screws up every other windows release.
Such is your fate.

User Info: bigbadharry

4 years ago#24
The forced restart to install updates really works on my **** especially if I'm working >:(
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