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Built my next rig

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User Info: ISDcaptain01

3 years ago#1
Here it is, built is yesterday night

1TB hard drive
AMD FX6350 @ 3.9ghz with 8mb cache
AMD R7 260X 2GB DDR5
8GB ram
600 watt power supply
Apevia X-plorer2 Green/black case
windows 7 pro 64bit

So I think I have increased my ranking in the master race as this is the SECOND computer I built.
lol at -->

User Info: 30aught6

3 years ago#2
Maybe you can post some pics tomorrow day.
| i7-3930K | MSI Big Bang-XPower II | GTX 680 4GB X2 | CORSAIR DDR3 32GB | Thermaltake TP Grand 1200W | Seagate 240GB SSD | WD Black 4TB | Fractal Define XLR2 |
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