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nvidia Shield question

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User Info: mrnolife87

3 years ago#1
So I've read through some of the old topics about the shield, but I'm a bit confused so I'd like someone to clarify this for me, please....

1. So you don't download games, you "stream" them from steam. So does the game have to be only purchased or ALSO installed in my pc or something to work? (I'm mainly thinking about Dark Souls here)

2. I heard that you could put in an sd card or something, so my question is if the following process would work -> On my pc, manually install (say Castlevania Lord of Shadow) into the sd card, take it out and plug it into the Shield. Then, run the game from my sd card on Shield. Would that work?

User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#2
You only need to have the game on your PC to play the game on your shield. It streams the video to your device, and streams your button presses to the PC. just think wireless display.

The shield runs on android, not windows, so your second question, though answered in the last sentence can be elaborated by saying that the only thing you will be able to run from the shield's memory is android games, apps, ebooks, movies and music, basically anything that runs on your phone and more (tegra exclusive titles)

You also need a beastly good router I understand, though it can be connected to the computer directly via a usb cable as well. Also, you must have an Nvidia Keplar enabled GPU. So AMD is out of the question, that's probably the only reason I don't have a shield. - updated 11/19/2013

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#3
The Shield doesn't run the game at all. Your computer runs the game, and then takes the image and sound output of the game, and sends it to shield, which displays it, and sends the inputs from shield back to your PC so you can control the game.
It's the same as running a game on your PC with Shield, but the image and sound comes out of your Shield.

If you want to run games on the Shield without being connected to a GeForce GTX PC, the game has to have an Android port.
Even people have toenails. Of course PCs have toenails. -claytonbuckley

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#4
From: mrnolife87 | #001
1. So you don't download games, you "stream" them from steam

No.... you run the game on one computer and stream the video and audio to another device (the shield)...pretty much the same thing Valve is promising with their steambox/steam OS. At least that's what I understand of it. I never thought streaming from a big PC to a handheld was a good idea especially considering latency on a wireless network.

As for the 2nd question I have no idea... except that my understanding is that you're just streaming the output of the game... I have no idea if you can install anything on the shield itself.

User Info: mrnolife87

3 years ago#5
I see. Thank you for the answers.
I guess I won't be getting it now then. Maybe if they make some improvements in the future because I was psyched at installing some games into it.

Oh well.

Back to my monster desktop I go lol

User Info: GTRagnarok

3 years ago#6
So you were hoping for a handheld to run games like on your "monster desktop"....
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