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how's this for a $600 build?

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User Info: Altmadragon

4 years ago#21
Boge posted...
xanthan1 posted...
bsballa09 posted...
Boge posted...
A great case is overrated. It does very little for the performance of your machine, which should be the number 1 focus when building a computer.

You don't want to get a crappy case that has bad air flow and falls apart.

He didn't say a bad case is what people should get, so why are you acting like he didn't? You get a decent case, IE good airflow and solidly built, and it works about as well as that fancy looking case that doesn't actually do anything better.

Right. A lot of people spend like $200 on a case. That's just nuts to me. You could get a decent case for $50 and have $150 for other parts.

If you plan to use the same case build after build after build, then maybe for certain features. I tend to get a little bored of my case though and prefer a new case with each build.

I've spent $20-$100 on a case and in my experience, the $20 case did just as well as the $100 case.

Maybe because a case outlives all the parts in a tower,meaning buy a great one now you don't mind looking at for a long time = you are golden.

Instead of a cheap half hearted manufactured case that isnt even designed to out last a case fan.
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User Info: Infinity8378

4 years ago#22
Infinity8378 posted...
This is probably stronger

Can it handle Watch dogs this $450 PC can.

MSI R7850-2GD5T/OC $111,p_ord:p&tbm=shop&ei=Ab2OUvSKMMjYkQeC8IDICQ&start=40&sa=N&biw=800&bih=493#spd=7292089527201555040
HEC Enterprise case/Tower $9.99
Intel Xeon E3 $143.85
$9.99 Power supply HPHEC585
2*USB 3.0 $24 (150MB/s 10 times usb 2.0)
MSI Z77A-G43 $104.99
Windows Vista 64bit $16
3*2gb ddr3 $30



Here's the watch dogs benchmark for what i posted

User Info: GTL581

4 years ago#23
DarkZV2Beta posted...
6300 is great for budget builds that you don't intend to upgrade. If you're on an extreme budget($400, for example) and want something that will play games for a while, 6300 is decent. It's definitely better to spend the extra on a decent i5, though, or even i7.
You can grab a 7850 for now and then upgrade to a much faster GPU when you have a bit more money. However, that CPU will always hold you back in more CPU demanding games, such as StarCraft, Crysis, and, hell, even UT2004.

thing is, i'm saving about $80 by going with the 6300. i just don't see it worth spending that much more for marginal improvement, especially if i can overclock it to at least close to the performance i'd get with spending the extra money. i was originally going to go with the 8320, but i figured i'd save a lot of money and get a little less performance, which just seems much more reasonable. i would love to go with an i5, honestly, but the jump in price just doesn't seem worth it to me.

i could go with the 7850 and a better cpu now, but i don't see it giving me better frames than i would with what i intend to get now, and it seems less appealing to me since i wouldn't really want to upgrade anything if at all over the next few years. given that the 7850 wouldn't be able to max the most demanding games that are out now, i'd most likely have to upgrade sooner that i'd want, at which point i'd be spending at the very lest maybe $200 on something that could be the equivalent of a what the 7970 is now. in the end i'd spend over $300 to get the gpu i could get now for $280, on top of spending that initial extra money on a different cpu. that's all conjecture, and i have no idea when something as powerful as the 7970 would be around $200, but i figure by that time i'd be long overdue for a better gpu than the 7850.

edit: i hope that all made sense and didn't read as a mess of incoherent ramblings
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User Info: redrum187

4 years ago#24
bsballa09 posted...
Rosewill isn't very good either. Go with a Corsair or Seasonic. Corsair is not AS good as Seasonic which is one of the best, but it's not as expensive as Seasonic.

not sure about newer corsair psu's but a lot of their models were seasonic oems as are antec and xfx. i know my corsair TX-650 V2 is a seasonic built unit.
i still haven't found what i'm looking for...
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