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CrossFireX video cards

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User Info: Shebeskii

3 years ago#11
Odin of Kpx posted...
Are you people morons? I have used both Nvidia and Crossfire, and both of them work out about the same. This board has so much rampant Nvidia fanboyism that it's pathetic. Both company offer good cards depending on your budget. I personally prefer ATI at the moment, but there was a long period starting with 8800s that Nvidia offered a strictly superior product. For the last couple of years things have been fairly even in the mid to high range for both companies. Nvidia will almost always have the most powerful card out there, but that card is rarely priced at an acceptable level even for gaming enthusiast. Also, cards like the Titan have the problem that there will be no games that make use of it's extra power before a more powerful card lands in the high end of consumer priced cards.

It's been demonstrated, through evidence, that they are not the same.

It's not fanboyism. What's fanboyism is you, claiming contrary to known evidence, both present and historical, that they are "about the same".

The evidence doesn't support that claim, thus we reject it.

They aren't called ATI? Are you in a bubble man? A ton of stuff has been analyzed in the last two years. You sound like someone ripped out of 2008.

As far as the evidence goes, crossfire was barely functional for the entirety of its life as a "feature". Only in the last 6 months has anything been done to make it comparable to SLI from 2009.

They're just not on the same level at all. The R9 series seems to be doing decently, but they're still way behind when it comes to time sensitive support, frame latency and average scaling across all types of titles, not just the "AAA" flavour of the month.
That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. - Christopher Hitchens
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