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Where would Saints Row 5 go?

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User Info: metalmariolord

3 years ago#41
johnny_pay posted...
time travel

each lieutenant is responsible for a different time period and you go to these different time periods doing missions during that time period. could be trying to save someone or defeat someone. could go back to world war 2 and kill hitler.

You would destroy space-time.
That game is crazy anyway, I don't think anything would change...
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

3 years ago#43
Cool_Dude667 posted...
lol @ all the people who want a serious saints row, its never going to happen.

It CAN happen. I hope it doesn't, but it can. :p
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User Info: EciDemon

3 years ago#44
MarceloSampaio posted...
EciDemon posted...
They should go back to their roots. Saints Row 2 had best story and best side activities. It was a bigger game too.
Really silly at times sure but serious too when it needed, also better customizations.
I really like the game engine in 3 and 4, so if they could make a game like the second with those visuals that be a winner.

I love SR3 and 4, and I wouldn't mind if SR5 was also silly like them.

But I actually agree with one thing you say: A Saints Row 2 with SR3 and 4's engine would be AMAZING. Imagine how good Still Water would look with DX10/DX11 effects!! :3 And without the lags that plague the PC version of SR2! :p

Yeah that would be awesome!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed SR3 and 4 too. Especially the humor in some of the parts of both games.
To me the SR series was always better then GTA simply because it doesn't take it self serious or pretend to be something it isn't. It's just pure fun and chaos. Even better with the full campaign coop support.
I don't mind silly but they felt like smaller games with the rival gangs in 3rd condensed down. You also got access to powerful air crafts way too early with very little effort.

It was more fun when you raised your wanted level in 2nd and then took a crappy helicopter and hijacked attack choppers mid air :p
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User Info: j_coat

3 years ago#45
Monster catching.
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User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#46
Under the Ocean.
Holy high profile batman...

User Info: MachEvolution

3 years ago#47
Well considering the ending of SR4...

It's probably going to be time-travel. At the end of the game the Saints find out that while the Zin technology can't bring back Earth, they do have a means of time-travel at their disposal. During the credits and whatnot you see the Saints up to all sorts of hijinks throughout human history and theye are even able to bring back certain objects and people to their present-day time.
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