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LOTR: BFME: Rise of the Witch King...Dark lord's eye rigged or just impossible?

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User Info: rangerman42

3 years ago#11
Nicodimus posted...
KingDFizzle posted...
rangerman42 posted...
I only ask this as I have attempted this mission literally 20 times now and every time, the blasted AI seems to know where all my troops are and slaughters them in seconds.
And as for getting the shards, kinda hard when the enemy already seems to know where they are and have them surrounded. I managed at best to get 3 and those I got lucky on, save 1.
So I know this might sound weak or something, but is there some way to cheat to get around this? I mean I am sick and tired of playing this ****** level just to loose every time, no matter what strategy I use.
And I have used fast attack, actually chasing them, but each time, they seem to have a never ending wave of troops and I am on EASY...for sure aint easy, just ****** a pain in the ***.
For example...last game...I had 3 shards...I sent out my troops to get the last one (maxed out on pop cap at this time) and get really close and all of a sudden I get hit by fully upgraded Tower big deal you'd think, fight them and suddenly 2 archer units arrive, I just summoned some orcs to deal with them, they get dealt with and now fully upgraded horsemen show up, so at this time I am fighting on two I keep fighting trying to get to the shard and low and behold...magically, and I kid you not, I actually counted this not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 10, that's 10 more units show up on all sides to attack me and this happened in less then 15 I am no game whiz but I know there is no damn way a unit can move that fast, save horsemen, but these were archers and horsemen and now the enemy completely annihilated my units and gathered the remaining shards. Now, at this point I was there any way to beat this AI, that quite literally seems to defy the logic and programming of the game with unlimited troops and resources?

And I apologize to the moderators who allow others to troll posts, but never anyone else to respond back to apologies...I will be more mindful of insults in the future and not say anything especially as the post was written in a hurry as I was almost late for work...

Ah, much better.

Warning: dangerous amounts of sarcasm have been detected in this post.

but we love the sarcasm...especially when directed sarcasm :P

User Info: rangerman42

3 years ago#12
But in all actuality, how in God's name am I supposed to beat this level? Any advice?

User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

3 years ago#13
KillerTruffle posted...
Wow. That is a bloody horrible wall of text. Grammar school WAS important. Using proper punctuation, paragraph structure, etc. is important in helping people understand you. You can't expect anyone to try and wade through what you just typed. Can you maybe clean it up some into actual paragraphs?

I even tried to read it but I stopped when he said he was "loosing" the mission.

Maybe try tightening it and see how that works?

User Info: KidInTheHall

3 years ago#14
Why not check youtube to see if someone posted a walkthrough for that mission and see how they did it?
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User Info: Ravenoussd

3 years ago#15
MaKhaos posted...
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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