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Next gen console failure rate is very high

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User Info: Master Alien

Master Alien
4 years ago#61
Steamster posted...
I really, really wish that fundamental statistics was a requirement in high school. Maybe it is now, but it wasn't when I was there and it's a god damn shame.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#62
KotomineKirei posted...
Dirk85UK posted...
I know it's possible for Video cards to arrive DOA. When I said "the video cards still work", I was referring to the cards that had the coil whine, they still work... Plus computer hardware that can arrive DOA is less than 1%. These consoles have a considerably higher rate of DOA.

You do know that consoles are computers and have computer hardware, right?

Also, before you say, "Yeah, but they're all differently made parts!":

Which is why it's really sad that Sony is so far below par!
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#63
Steamster posted...
JJH777 posted...
They don't test every PS3 they send out... They test less than 1% of them. The 360's failure rate was like 50% for the first year or so. A 25% failure rate would actually be a big improvement.

No s***.

it's called a "stress test." Every single product in every single store has had it's design tested. Extensively testing every single PS4 would likely brick every single PS4. The point is that statistics is a verifiable science and that they pay divisions of people good money to make sure that their product is likely to be functioning properly once it's in a consumer's home.

I know that this is real life, s*** happens, and that communist China's factories/workers aren't perfect. I also know that they're not just releasing something that has a 25%+ failure rate "just because."

Of course not. They're releasing something that has a 25% failure rate because of flawed design and/or cheap manufacturing.
Even people have toenails. Of course PCs have toenails. -claytonbuckley

User Info: WeaponX1138

4 years ago#64
The reviews on both sides are clearly trolling each other.
Most of them aren't even verified purchases.

The failure rate of both systems is tiny.
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User Info: Acquire

4 years ago#65
My PS4 works just fine. Now if only I had anything worth playing on it.
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User Info: Ynefelx

4 years ago#66
Because reviews on Amazon are an accurate indicator of global failure rates for a piece of hardware. Whatever affirms your fandom for you. I own a PC and a PS4. I love both. Imagine that.
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User Info: OmgitsMario

4 years ago#67
JJH777 posted...
How would sony even know the failure rate? They would also never be honest about it anyways. After the failure rate of the launch 360 I would be really surprised if these weren't at least close to being accurate.

Because they cannot legally lie about that
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User Info: -CJF-

4 years ago#68
It's to be expected as consoles become more and more complex, and it's especially worse at launch before the bugs have been sorted out. That's why I no longer buy consoles at launch. I learned my lesson with the Xbox 360.

User Info: johnny_pay

4 years ago#69
i remember being told a statistic where, if you have a bad experience you will tell up to 20 people but if you have a good experience you will only tell up to 5 people.

User Info: wert87658

4 years ago#70
1,000,000/815 isn't even 1%. That's assuming all the doa's are real and they're all reported. This is assuming that only 1,000,000 have been sold. (Hint, there's been more) I can't tell if some of you are serious or not but for acting so smart ya'll lack basic logic.
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