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time to upgrade

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User Info: MaryJHappy

3 years ago#1
i7 3930k + gtx 680 4gb sli can't even handle battlefield 4 120 fps on ultra setting 1080p single monitor. it gives me around 30-60 fps only. gtx 680 is showing its ages already. sigh..

User Info: DiehardFFv2

3 years ago#2
That's what you get for buying cards that were known for terrible price to performance.
3570k | r9 280x | 8GB DDR3 | 256GB SSD | 3TB HDD

User Info: skychan

3 years ago#3
what about my i950 and 460 lol
"I will thanks BlackEmac64 4ever" -skychan

User Info: Rama_X

3 years ago#4
buy a 3gb 780, those things seem dope
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