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3 years ago#11
rabbi_baby posted...
ATARIJAWA posted...
MakeHate posted...
rabbi_baby posted...
Digital Storm posted...
If you think you know more than the people doing the job you should have applied for the job yourself.

My first sysadmin was a freaking smart dude. (which is why he's now doing an awesome job for espn). I'm still working here and his replacements are just stupid. Management has it in their head that if you are not middle aged, then you don't qualify for a "management" position such as a sysadmin (they consider it to be as such for some stupid reason).

I did their job for the 4 months in between the time the first one quit, and the dolts started getting hired. Upper management was happy with how things ran, but I was overburdened providing support for a 200+ person company by myself. Instead of hiring someone to be a counterpart for me, they wanted someone who was gonna be a "sysadmin manager".

Perhaps its your attitude that keeps you from moving up...

ESPN is a pretty crappy company to work for. They don't pay much and Bristol CT is in the middle of nowhere.

I hate myself for saying it, but haters gonna hate.

EDIT: Also, are you a fellow connecticutite?

I'm out of seymour over here.

My parents moved to Monroe when I graduated High School in 95. I was in college for a few years and lived with them in Monroe for 2 years before moving back to Stamford in 2000. I grew up there. My parents just moved to Oxford (Oxford Greens) 2 years ago, They are in Seymour all the time. I went to that beerfest thing in downtown Seymour a few weeks ago, If you see a new bright blue Mustang California Edition Convertible driving around Seymour that;s my old man. It's a pretty obnoxious color so it stands out.
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User Info: Chetyre

3 years ago#12
Where I work my manager thinks VMs are the devil, complicating our server work tremendously, and that we can't add basic security to our network infrastructure because he thinks things will magically work themselves further upstream. It gets worse in that it is a university, and every single IP we use is routable in the 164.41/16 range. Even our virus-infested labs for the virus-infested students.
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User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#13
Chetyre posted...
Where I work my manager thinks VMs are the devil

I laughed reading this. This is just awful.
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