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What is a good gaming keyboard?

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User Info: SkaterUB

3 years ago#1
Just looking for opinions on your favorites.
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User Info: Garquill

3 years ago#2
any mechanical keyboard with Brown/Black/Red switches
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3 years ago#3
"Gaming keyboards" are mostly a marketing trick. There are a lot of keyboards that are not from a gaming brand or marketed as gaming products, yet they make excellent gaming keyboards.

Probably the most necessary characteristics are durability, "feel", and 6 key rollover (or more). Other features such as dedicated media keys and backlighting are optional, but will not do much for you in terms of performance.

When it comes to keyboards, it is probably typing where you benefit most from going for a good keyboard. There is no "best". Which is best for you is dependent on your preferences in terms of Switch-type (Cherry MX red, black, brown, blue, Topre etc.), in terms of size and layout (full, tenkeyless, 60%), in terms of aesthetics (cool, business like or gamer look) and other more detailed characteristics (type of stabilizers, attached wristpad, material of the keycaps etc.).

Some brands to Consider are Das, Noppoo, KBT, Leopold, Keycool, Realforce, Happy Hacking, Cooler master, Corsair, Ducky, Steelseries, Razer, Zowie, Filco, WASD, Deck among others.

All of these brands have products that do the job fine and would satisfy anyone given that they took the time to match their preferences with the actual keyboard they get. Personally I think Cherry stabilizers give a much less enjoyable typing experience, which is why I am actually not too fond of some of the often recommended keyboards on this board, which are mostly Ducky and Corsair. Do not get me wrong, they are good keyboards.

The best value for money (imo) is probably the Cooler Master Quickfire rapid with the MX switch of your choice.
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User Info: YOeastonYO

3 years ago#4
I bought a corsair k70 last month and it is the greatest keyboard I have ever owned. The back lights can be adjusted, the keys are raised so cleaning is very easy, and it's very comfortable.

Best of all is the brushed aluminum finish. It has a very high durable and quality feel to it.
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User Info: eminemrapman101

3 years ago#5
corsair k70..........its greatness.

User Info: somebody336

3 years ago#6
Corsair K70 is pretty good.

User Info: Solid_Fake

3 years ago#7

You won't need to buy another keyboard.
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User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#8
Make sure you get something with n-key rollover.

User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#9
Solid_Fake posted...

You won't need to buy another keyboard.

This. Ducky is great if you're willing to spend that much on a keyboard. I'm still very happy with my original Ducky Shine.
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User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#10
Ducky shine is amazing, wish they existed when I purchased my Razer blackwidow ultimate, which BTW is not good or worth anywhere near the 110$ I paid for it.
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