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Do all Tablets suck?

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User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

3 years ago#21
aak57 posted...
_Marka_Ragnos_ posted...
iPad works phenomenally. I had a Nexus 10 and that was awful though so it does depend on which tablet you are using.

The surface pro, as previously mentioned, also works great but costs as much as a good laptop would (~twice as much as an iPad or any other tablet).

Edit: It also has a fan and significantly lower battery life than most tablets so I wouldn't really count it as a tablet.

What didn't you like about the Nexus?

Very buggy. Lots of random reboots, especially while browsing in Chrome or Dolphin. All pdf viewers were very laggy and unresponsive (something I need for class). The aspect ratio was unappealing for what I use a tablet for (reading and web browsing, and any widescreen movie had black bars on the Nexus anyway because the ratio was 16:10 so at that point I just prefer 4:3). The screen, despite being sharp, was very washed out and had very bad blues compared to my calibrated monitor. I dislike the software buttons because they take up screen realestate. And the battery life was terrible. Something like five hours of screen on time on a device that I have to carry around to 8+ hours of premed classes a day.

Aside from that the build quality was shoddy. I was not a fan of the rubber back and you could push in the back and hear creaking. There was absolutely no third party support for accessories. I had the tablet for six months and in that time frame there was not a single case or cover from Google or any reputable company. All there was to find were no name $10-20 cases on Amazon. The official cover demonstrated with the tablet came out more than half a year later.

And Android tablet apps still blow. Or at least they did before I got rid of the thing. So I choose the iPad because while it might not be open and I might not be able to dick around with it and change the icons, it does everything I need it to do better than the Nexus did.
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The cranky hermit 3 years ago#22
No complaints about my Kindle HD. If I want to do something with it that it isn't well suited for, I'll use a real computer.
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3 years ago#23
TheMKDestroyer posted...
Or is it just mine that is a piece of crap? It's a motorola Xoom that was given to me. The thing is sluggish all the freakn time even after doing a factory reset. Alot of times I gotta click a link MANY times just for it to work even though I cant see it getting highlighted like I'm pressing it. Pisses me off all the time.

Now youtube videos don't play at the specified time. They just start at the beginning but the same video I sent to friend starts at the specified time. He has a nexus. Also It won't just play the video as soon as I open the link. I gotta press on the video and then it always just starts at the beginning even though the link has a specific time for it to start. Anyone know how to fix this? Link works fine on my computer. Oh yeah and the browser will close down for no reason and erase all my tabs. God I hate this thing.

The xoom was quite literally the first actual Android tablet. The tegra 2 was pretty bad even when it came out, that thing is ancient in tech years.
The new nexus 7 is awesome and not sucky at all.

User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#24
SinisterSlay posted...
Cache partition?
I'm having battery trouble with mine, what cache partition?

Most Android devices have a /cache partition. I'm actually not entirely sure what's stored there, but the name suggests that the data is supposed to be temporary (I believe part of it is what kernel resources are allowed to apps while system is suspended. This is why you will see a screen telling you the system is optimizing apps after a cache partition wipe).

One of the known symptoms of having bad files in the cache partition is rapid battery drain or battery drain while system is suspended.

To wipe the partition, you will need to boot into your device's recovery. That process differs, depending on what you have. On a Nexus 7:
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User Info: Saga3

3 years ago#25
Android tablets (Not to be confused with phones) are terrible, the only instance where Apple has an edge over competition is the iPad, it's easily better than everything out there. Take this from someone who has had a Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

User Info: Thescyy

3 years ago#26
Saga3 posted...
Android tablets (Not to be confused with phones) are terrible, the only instance where Apple has an edge over competition is the iPad, it's easily better than everything out there. Take this from someone who has had a Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

Well it's a good thing you have had experience with one model. That is clearly going to be indicative of all android tablets out there.
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User Info: C810

3 years ago#27
I don't know if this has been posted yet, but Best Buy at least is selling first gen Surfaces for $200. I'd grab one if I didn't already have a BlackBerry Playbook
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User Info: codyorr

3 years ago#28

User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#29
Windows 8 tablets with Atom processors work pretty well. They won't ever be as fast as one with a core i series processor, but if TC says that's cheating...
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