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WTF is Lulu and how the hell do I get away from this ****?

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  3. WTF is Lulu and how the hell do I get away from this ****?

User Info: Relentless639

3 years ago#31
nimatoda666 posted...
clowning posted...
Relentless639 posted...

I should probably make one acct one day for social/job purposes, but really?

Linkedin is for professional use. If you want a job profile, use that instead. I have a FB acct, but only for my family and a few RL friends.

Yep linkedin is the site you want. Every business professor at my college recommends it.

Funny I my mom asked me what it was and I hadn't heard of it either till now.
But I meant that there are people out there that purposedly peep into their employee's FB to see if they are OK by actually looking at their private side.

I remember in the news, a case of a lawyer forced one of her employees to take down some spicy pics from her album or whatever of FB by threatening to fire her. He kind of thought that could somehow stain the reputation of the firm. It's strange in this day and age are people like that. I imagine it's one of those lawyer agencies that deal with "high"-class conservative clients. The kind of people filled with formalisms and probably empty lives.
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  3. WTF is Lulu and how the hell do I get away from this ****?

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