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Wireless Router Suggestions

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User Info: Rhynomar

3 years ago#1
Hello Everyone!

Looking to purchase a new router as the one that cablevision gave for "free" barely allows youtube to play.. yet paying 5$ extra a month for their faster internet.

So I am looking to replace the router but really don't want to spend an arm and a leg. The Nighthawk router looks amazing but 200$ just seems so steep!

I need something that can reach the bedroom in a 1 story apartment. We do have a lot of devices that are at various times connected to the internet.

The following will use wireless/wired connections:

PS3 / PS4 / PS Vita / WiiU / 2DS / 2 iPads / Desktop / 2 Laptops / 2 Cellphones / xbone for xmas

The PS4 is the only one that will be wired.

So there are about 10 devices, obviously not all on at once though. Just having issues with signal strength/speed. Not a hardcore gamer despite having those systems, so just seems like a 200$ router is excessive, just want something that will have a range long enough for me to use my ipad and the GF use her laptop in bed and something strong enough for xbone to use it's features (but will be 10 ft from router).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you feel that given the devices I listed the nighthawk is the only option then please let me know as well I could always save up a bit after xmas heh.

User Info: Rhynomar

3 years ago#2

User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#3
I got the Nighthawk recently and love it. The wireless range is a lot better than my old Cisco router and it has some nice features for QoS and other options. It is expensive, though, and you could get away with a cheaper one, of course. I'd recommend it if you can stomach paying $200, and have a use for 802.11ac or the 5 GHz band.
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User Info: Rhynomar

3 years ago#4
Blah that was my fear hahaha..

thing is all the routers just sound the same. And I am not even sure that I "need" something that powerful..

Between the PS4 and Xbone GF might literally kill me if I spend another 200 on a router lol

any decent suggestions in the 100ish range?

seems like a decent router but not sure if worth the price

User Info: Brainhunter

3 years ago#5
^ The Asus RT-N66U is one of the best routers in the $100-$150 range. It is even recommended by Nvidia as an official "GameStream-Ready" router for Nvidia Shield streaming (which requires a steady, high-bandwidth wifi signal to keep up with latency and bandwidth demands).

It's also called the "Dark Knight" of routers.

I wouldn't touch any AC-ready router until the AC specification moves out of draft status. If you really must, then the RT AC66U is a good choice. However, when AC becomes standard, routers released in that period would be more compatible, have better support, and would have dropped in price.
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User Info: Rhynomar

3 years ago#6
Interesting might have to bite the bullet on this dark knight one.. it also has a 10$ rebate making it 120$ which isnt bad if it is as good as some of the reviews say it is hehe

hopefully it doesnt suck :D
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