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Games that have good concepts and poor executions

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User Info: Movie64

3 years ago#1
Is there a game where you thought that had good concepts, but executed them poorly.

I think i'll nominate Mindjack. A game where you can mind hack into random NPCs and enemies and control them. seems like a good idea unfortunately the game sucks

User Info: jamoke57

3 years ago#2
Hellgate London. The game had so much potential to be a fun third person arpg with gear hunting, but the zones were so repetitive and the animations in the game weren't that great.
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User Info: RPGMatt

3 years ago#3
Anything with Peter Molyneux in it...

User Info: matu90rk

3 years ago#4

User Info: spud_almighty

3 years ago#5
IMO Deus Ex. Great characters, story and fantastic attention to detail BUT the gameplay and graphics was horribly lacking for me. The game was ugly when it came out, looks just as ugly now.

User Info: MortalDanger

3 years ago#6
X: Rebirth.

Great concept, but the team was too small and they just bit off more than they could chew. Too much, too ambitious, and played on their weaknesses. Throw in a dash of consolization, and a few idiot design decisions and the execution of it was horrendous.

As proof, if Egosoft keeps going in that direction, the third game in the series will be really good.
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User Info: Movie64

3 years ago#7
I just want to say as a fan of Men in Black that any Men in Black licensed game. I don't understand why anyone hasn't done it right yet. The movie gives plenty of good concepts. Have J and K fight all kinds of aliens, give them plenty of variety of MIB weapons, and have the humor of the movie. There is so much gaming potential in Men in Black. why is it so hard to pull off?

User Info: lemonfed

3 years ago#8
Alone In the dark (2009) ... lots of great Idea but poor controls and weird driving scene/levels.
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User Info: capgamer

3 years ago#9
Playstation All Stars: Battle Royal

The basic concept is really good:
Make a Smash Bros. clone. Make it with Playstation characters. How can this fail?

Answer: make it so you kill other players by doing instant-kill moves instead of knocking them off the stage. Ironically, the one feature setting it apart from Smash Bros. is also the one that damns it for me. :)
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User Info: KJay489

3 years ago#10
Maybe Rage...
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