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Witcher 1 or 2?

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User Info: blackfeather_58

3 years ago#1
Normally I would go for the sequel, but my graphics card is an ATI HD5450 512MB and I am unsure as to whether it is powerful enough to run Witcher 2.

I guess my question is whether the sequel is significantly better than the original for me to risk the possibility that my PC is unable to run it?
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User Info: steveboblarry

3 years ago#2
I don't know much about that graphics card but yes witcher 2 is better than the witcher 1. You do not need to play witcher 1 to understand 2.

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User Info: Gyrospeck

3 years ago#3
Both are great games and both are worth playing. The Witcher 2 is more polished and refined, so I would recommend starting with the first. It will be harder to go back if you start with the second one.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

3 years ago#4
Best to play both games as they're both very good games. I prefer the sequel though, although the first had more quests. Lots of people will tell you that the combat in both games suck though. I don't agree. I had no trouble at all when I played, and it was with KB/M.
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User Info: DiviDude

3 years ago#5
The Witcher 2 is not very well optimized and I highly doubt you'll be able to run it at even the lowest settings with that card, unless you run it some incredibly low resolution.

I think should be able to handle The Witcher, however.

Oh yeah and TW2 is not significantly better. Most people will say it IS better, just not really all that much. I personally prefer the first game and thought TW2 was disappointing.

User Info: blackfeather_58

3 years ago#6
Alright, Witcher 1 it is then.
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User Info: Ningishzida

3 years ago#7
blackfeather_58 posted...
Alright, Witcher 1 it is then.

Make sure you play Polish voicesets with English subtitles, The Witcher games may suck ass hard (clunky combat, unoptimized engines, overall ineptitude) but two things stand out:

The music of TW1
The Polish voicesets of TW1

User Info: capgamer

3 years ago#8
You've already made your decision I guess, but I'd like to say that I prefer Witcher 1 also. The second game felt the need to incorporate some really obnoxious design decisions like quicktime events and not being able to drink potions during battle (which makes no sense).
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User Info: Frankie_Spankie

3 years ago#9
Both were great games, 2 certainly feels a lot more polished but both have amazing story lines. I know my GTX 560Ti on my old computer had a tough time playing Witcher 2 until I dumbed the graphics to low. I didn't have much trouble with 1. Maybe get 1, play it, and if you enjoyed it, and want to try with your PC, you can get 2 during the holiday sale a month from now? I'm sure it'll be the same price by then.
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User Info: Ningishzida

3 years ago#10
capgamer posted...
The second game felt the need to incorporate some really obnoxious design decisions like quicktime events and not being able to drink potions during battle (which makes no sense).

You said it man, nobody knows CDPR's obnoxious nature more than the Ning. Here is my list:

1) QTEs
2) there is STILL a cooldown period for looting a ****ing corpse, a carry-over from the primitive Aurora-powered TW1. STILL. you kill an enemy and you stand there WAITING to loot a corpse. INSANE.
3) UI panels actually take TIME to display, like you hit the "I" key for inventory, and it sort of fades in over time. is that supposed to be stylish and softer on the eyes?
4) "wise" use of alchemy and enhancements (buffs) requires player foreknowledge of events aka metagaming
5) combat is clunky and horrid. See Demon/Dark Souls for tactful, austere combat
6) too many cutscenes, cutscene to game-play ratio is borderline MGS4

7) responding to players' criticisms about Geralt in TW1 having to sheathe his sword in town and not being able to kill any peasant or guard by ALLOWING him to have his sword unsheathed but then being attacked by guards, who he is then forced to kill, and then fining him 200 orens or "We will kill you in a cutscene and gameover!" is just BEING A HORRID DEV.
speaking of which, cutscene kills. you pick the "wrong" dialogue option and the game simply enters cutscene mode and kills you off. now why give you the choice in the first place, if all it does is necessitate reload, is it really just so some cinematic crew gets paid to make more cutscenes?

8) they slowed down the speed of movement and combat, rule number one of any ACTION rpg SEQUEL, never make combat and movement rate slower. EVER.

9) the art direction is impressive even though its childishly enthusiastic. by that i mean, when you move around these areas, you can't help but get the feeling CDPR are like kindergarten kids holding up their papers saying "Look What I Can Draw!"
the scenery is also too colorful, colorful = immaturity. adults with good taste always go for limited color in all things, even TW1 had some taste by restraint. mood cannot be set with too much color variation and bloom like we see in TW2

10) there are problems with the high fidelity and foliage complexity concealing vital things from the player due to being them being way overdone, like pathways and ledges. never conceal the building blocks of area design which facilitate progression, that's a fatal flaw.

11) Blinding over-use of bloom, some items emit light like the sun. You usually only see this in mods by amateurs. but CDPR ARE amateurs and TW2 is just one big bloatware Aurora-style mod.

12) Geralt has to step down ledges one at a time, wouldn't wanna twist a delicate ankle. and yet in a fight he moves like a puma. so he goes from Nike airs in-combat to high heels out of combat. ludicrous!

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