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Witcher 1 or 2?

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User Info: Ningishzida

3 years ago#11
13) sometimes when you kill a mob, save then reload, the mob spawns ontop of you and you get overwhelmed and killed /facepalm

14) sometimes enemies just DISAPPEAR, as if the game didn't know what to do with them. normally happens if you pursue fleeing ones, CDPR didn't code a contingency for a merciless player who wants to chase down and slay cowardly foes.

15) the agile Geralt has probs sometimes simply opening doors and stepping thru the doorways, believe it or not this clunky glitch still remain after the massive overhaul the game got from the community, so it must be another case of CDPR hardcoding incurable clunkiness into their game. i last saw this type of thing in Tomb Raider on PS1.

16) too many scripted events in Prologue, the dragon breathing fire was ****ing lame, I played on Dark difficulty and was killed SEVERAL times by over-time AoE flames. the scripted events were poor, the potshot you were able to take of the Count on the wall during the siege was a GIMMICK.

17) character building is initially non-existent, i have examples snd I might type them up later if I feel there are enough CDPR fanbabies defending this putrid cinematic SCHLOCK unsuccessfully attempting to pass itself off as "a RPG".

CDPR are the most overrated RPG dev ever, they pretend to be "monocled and top-hat" but are in actuality gutter louts of RPG deving.

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
3 years ago#12
Both are bad in their own ways, but I enjoyed 2 more.
Matthew 7:21
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