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Longest time you spent playing a game?

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User Info: Aaravi

3 years ago#121
I played 'World of Warcraft' from 2006 to 2010

User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
3 years ago#122
Lvthn posted...
TG_Wolf posted...
FF-X on PS2

13, 816 Hours

That's 575.66 Days played.

WTF? FFX isn't even online, what did you do for that much in-game time? Or do you mean FFXI?

As someone who has sunk almost half that amount in the same game it's very easy to do. I plan on putting the same amount of time in on FFX HD when it's released and I'll enjoy every minute of it.

I'd rather play a handful of choice games than force myself through an endless pile of them simply because I bought them on sale or as part of a bundle -- which a lot of people do.
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User Info: Revenge209

3 years ago#123
1213 hours of Star Wars: Galaxies
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