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Do all PC gamers slam the crap out of consoles and people that play them?

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User Info: sonic_man00

3 years ago#31
Its kind of both. Console gamers slam PC and PC gamers slam Consoles.
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User Info: IAmMC2

3 years ago#32
In my experience PC people, even the ones that hate console players, don't go out of their way to find and antagonize console players. If they do have bias against console fans they generally just sit back and laugh on their own accord. But the console fanboys are the ones who go to other boards and bash each other and bash PC players. But again that only applies to fanboys.
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User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

3 years ago#33
PC gamers have to constantly remind the world they still exist.

They're like Jehovah's witnesses in that respect.
"Now go ahead and leap ignorantly to the defense of wealthy game companies who don't know or care about you."

User Info: Toxicum_S

3 years ago#34
I never understand pure PC \ console gamers.
Come on, while ultra hi-end PC is expensive, you always can maintain medium powered PC and one or even few consoles - PC-elitists can melt in anger, but difference in quality of picture between ultra and high \ medium video presets not so drastic today.
I think only very narrow-minded people stick with one game platform and fight for the death for it :)

User Info: MonadAlvis

3 years ago#35
It's a bigger percentage than I'd like to think about, and it's not just PC gamers with some superiority complex about what they game on either. | |

User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#36
yes all PC gamers....I constantly knock on people's doors and see if there is a console inside. If there is...I just abruptly see myself inside and start trash talking about how weak the system is and how much better PC gaming is and how much money I save on Steam and Gaben and how crappy the console is.
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User Info: ein311

3 years ago#37
It's a pretty well known statistic that PC gamers spend more time on forums talking about how inferior console gaming is instead of actually playing video games.

Anyone with a console in addition to PC are seen as lesser beings because they do not fully endorse the church of gaben.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#38
PC is still by far my favorite platform, but I do own and use a few consoles too. That's probably a good chunk of PC gamers I'd guess - their primary rig is their PC, but they still own one or more consoles.

I'll still argue on the side of PC in terms of actual specs and stuff, because the console trolls just have the stupidest arguments. Graphics don't matter (until you're comparing PS3 with Xbox or PS4 with Xbone). PC has no exclusives (as long as you ignore genres like MMO, adventure, strategy, as well as indie games). I just want to game from my couch (which of course is "impossible" with PC). And on and on. There are some relevant benefits to consoles - the primary one being exclusives. But the arguments console trolls come up with are just idiotic.
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User Info: lost_within

3 years ago#40
I enjoy both... the biggest flaw I see with consoles though is that I can't afford to upgrade to a new console every 3-4 years, as I can afford to upgrade my PC incrementally....
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