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Do all PC gamers slam the crap out of consoles and people that play them?

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  3. Do all PC gamers slam the crap out of consoles and people that play them?

User Info: Huey_Huey

3 years ago#51
I don't think I've ever done this nor the people I know who only play on PC.

Anecdotal evidence FTW!
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User Info: blueheart100

3 years ago#52
I have solution. Buy both consoles and pc
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User Info: shadowkratos774

3 years ago#53

that's how fanboys work.
...but in time, they will join you in the sun.
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User Info: Winpus

3 years ago#54
VandorLee posted...
Ive noticed that whatever the graphics on a game are, ill simply adjust to them and they become normal instead of amazing or ugly.

I think this statement has a lot to do with a "typical" PC gamer's attitude towards console capabilities. When you play games almost exclusively at 1080p+ at 60fps+ on high+ settings, it's pretty jarring to adjust back to what a console can output at 720p 30fps. These days, and I think most PC gamers that use mods and have a system built in the past 5 years would agree, it kinda makes me gag at how ugly Skyrim is on a console.

The problem I encounter is when I see people talking like a friend of mine. I'll talk to him about gaming in general, but the moment I say something about the PC version of something being better for whatever reason, which objectively it usually is (ie not control setup or UI etc, but comparing frame rate or something of that nature), he gets all defensive and starts saying that it isn't better.

I only hold anything against consoles for the way the industry works. Developing for the lowest common denominator has held gaming back for quite a while this past generation since it was longer than normal.

Compare a game like Baldur's Gate, which is an exclusively PC designed game, to Dragon Age Origins. You have a game that was free to make it's aesthetic and interface choices based on what they felt was best for the game. They have huge varieties in environments and characters. Many different types of enemies to fight as well as AI scripts you encounter. You also have large combat parties, which means there needs to be global assets (summons count for this).

Dragon Age, while most people accept it as a good game, has comparatively smaller areas when taking into account technical advancements, few enemy varieties (is it like 9 total?), small player parties with fewer NPCs to chose from (fewer available global assets), and I think about 3 types of AI scripts to encounter. All these are limitations of RAM and CPU power of aging consoles.

This is the only reason I hold any animosity towards consoles (I don't usually care about the people that play them). And I look forward to this new generation coming out because it means for the next two years or so, developers will be able to design a game that's more an equivalent to the art they imagined rather than what fits in small hardware.

The porting of console UIs is a whole other issue, though.


3 years ago#55
Most PC gamers also have consoles.
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#56
I would not slap either. My cousins are console gamers, and we happily discuss our gaming. What I don't like are braggers.

User Info: Jeryx

3 years ago#57
PC vs console is like console vs console. I think part of PC fanatacism comes from those that have built their own PC and tuned it up. But why be a one trick pony, or an arse about things? I game on anything, with just about anybody.
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User Info: LostVoyager

3 years ago#58
Basically discounting convenience and exclusives... The consoles have nothing over the PCs.

Oh and Playstation has PS Plus which is the bees knees.
Microsoft has some nice exclusives to its arcade but XBLA overprices stuff along with PSN.

Most PC gamers only respond to fanboy slights on their system first. I mainly play Vita and even I recognize the PC is the best system.

Some PC gamers can discredit the consoles too much though. A lot of great exclusives are available for the consoles and gameplay >>>>> graphics.

User Info: rkade8583

3 years ago#59
I grew up with an atari 800xl. It was the best of both worlds. I use what I feel like using and don't care what you use.
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User Info: BlackWizardMagus

3 years ago#60
Yes. When I find a console player at the beach, I kick sand at him. I flipped off a puppy once, because his owner had a 360. The Nintendo fanboy who lives upstairs from me? He'll never find out what happened to his kid...after I showed him how awesome COD looked on my rig and he threw out his Wii. I got arrested after fighting with a 12-year old at Best Buy, because he was buying a PS3. They let me go when they realized I lost--turns out that kid was a jock/Madden freak and my emaciated nerd-flesh couldn't compare.

Should I keep going with this farce?
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