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Helping Friend Build PC

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User Info: wuphilly

3 years ago#1

Is this card as much of a beast as it looks like? A boost clock of 4800mhz and only $170 after rebates? I built my PC last year and got a 670, but that boost clock for this card blows mine away. I'm gonna be jealous...

User Info: wuphilly

3 years ago#2

User Info: Infinity8378

3 years ago#3
How strong is this with or without it?

This system gets all 10s except for ram.

Xeon E3 80$
Radeon R9 270 $159.99
Case 11.25$
Sata 3 Harddrive 45$
LGA 1155 Motherboar
Motherboard $54.99-84.99
Windows Vista 64bit $16
3*2gb ddr3 $30


It's over 9000(better than AMD 8350) CPU passmark
It's over 4000(4399) GPU passmark
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