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Need low spec, turn based games, PBEM preferred.

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User Info: Solid_Fake

3 years ago#11
If you're able to get a slightly more stable connection, you could probably have some fun with Board Game Online. It's a pretty entertaining multiplayer game, and the requirements are almost non-existent.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#12
From: kelemvor | #009
MUDs?? Oh wow, I bet less than 1% of the PC board even remembers those or knows what they are.

I am the 1% :P

Actually, I chose this name for a MUD back in '96 and I've been using it ever since.

User Info: Jeryx

3 years ago#13
Amazing how roomy that 1% can be.
If anyone else is actually interested in a pre-mudlike game, the name is Fallthru by Paul Deal and its now freeware. You google those names and you get a download link.

Anyone wanting to game or just get a frontrow seat to my personal saga of losing roof, try me at my yahoo IM name in my profile.
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