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Anyone played and knows how is Mount and Blade?

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  3. Anyone played and knows how is Mount and Blade?

User Info: Greek50

3 years ago#1
How's the gameplay and what's it all about is I worth 9.99 it's at target with all 3 expansions?
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User Info: OrgeLambart

3 years ago#2
why pay that much for it...

you can get it there for just slightly over 3 dollars plus a few other games.

Also mount and blade is pretty awesome, it's rather difficult to explain, but here goes my rough crash course through it. You create a character, then you go out into the world, build an army, fight various different factions, align with them or get on bad terms with them. Do various quest, etc etc etc... All in all it's pretty sweet.

Battles consist of you riding on a horse and fighting other ground or riding enemies, it's similar to Dynasty warriors, although not hundreds of minions,
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User Info: LostVoyager

3 years ago#3
Its an amazing game that will last you a while. Hell yes. No comment on the expansions.

User Info: clowning

3 years ago#4
Mount and Blade Warband....what a great game.

Basically, you create a character, and slowly over time recruit soldiers to your service. They level up and evolve into various types based on their original class. They also die, and you can recruit more peons.

You can also recruit hero types, who level like your PC. These heroes may or may not like each other, and some may leave your service if other heroes annoy them too much.

In combat, you can give orders to your troops and fight in the battles yourself (it's all 3rd person). The game has good combat, and perhaps the best mounted combat anywhere. There is a huge variety of weapons, and they all work according to their design. You thrust with pikes, for example, while slashing with (most) swords.

You can join one of the various kingdoms. As you fight for that king and conquer, or help conquer, enemy cities and castles, you will receive rewards from the king in the form of towns or cities. You can develop these places and collect taxes from them. Cities can be filled with some of your recruited troops to defend it while you're on campaign.

You can get married (no children, as far as I can remember).

You can also side with none of the major kingdoms, instead siding with a ruler who has lost his kingdom and is looking to re-establish his/her reign.

You can become your own king, and serve no ruler at all.

You can enter combat tournaments.

There is battle that takes place on the field, but there is also battle in towns and city sieges (both defending and attacking).

There are various quests you can perform for your king or for your fellow lords.

The game is incredibly fun.
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User Info: sauruschamp1

3 years ago#5
also to add to what has already been said there are lots of mods which add even more gameplay so it is a great game that you can sink hundreds of hours into. Also just playing the base game you can go so many different way so you get something different each time.
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User Info: Lady Une

Lady Une
3 years ago#6
Of the 3, Warband is the way to go.
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User Info: RPGMatt

3 years ago#7
You need Warband. Once you give up on the awesome campaign, there's tons of online fun to be had, playing what is basically Counterstrike with medieval weaponry. The melee combat works really well in multiplayer, and manual blocking is tons of fun once you get the hang of it.

User Info: Greek50

3 years ago#8
Just bought the M&B collection at target with both expansions for 9.99? Is it worth it?
Also heard there M&B 2 announced sounds exicting as there's a sequel in progress, any Anyone waiting on the release and also anyone or is there a online community still for this game people still play online?
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