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Do all games go on sale during a Steam sale?

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  3. Do all games go on sale during a Steam sale?

User Info: Kisai

3 years ago#1
Or is it only select games? Will some of the games I'm looking at be on sale again during the Winter sale?

User Info: mikewu1

3 years ago#2
select games

User Info: Sk0rbut

3 years ago#3
No, not all of them, but during the summer & winter sales I'd say about 95% of all games go on sale.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#4
Even on the winter sale you're not going to see "everything" on sale... some game devs just don't believe in sales...

Also, if the game recently came out, they're more reluctant to put a game on sale. Then again I've seen others who released the game in October and have it on sale 30% off by Christmas...

User Info: biohazard1775

3 years ago#5
Most games at least have a 10-25% discount during the sales.
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User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#6
Only the games that no one here wants seem to go on sale.
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User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#7
90% or so, roughly. Games that were released within the last month or two usually won't get any discount though. And prices are ultimately up to publishers, of course, and some (Activision) tend to be less giving with discounts.

User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
3 years ago#8
arleas posted...
.. some game devs just don't believe in sales...

And some are just plain stubborn and unrealistic.

I bought Just Cause 2 for less than 4 dollars, and Bethesda was still selling Morrowind for $20. It's a game from 2003, it's time for a 90% sale.
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  3. Do all games go on sale during a Steam sale?

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