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Ghosts vs black ops 2

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User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#1
i feel like coD

ghosts $60 blackops2 $30

which is better?

steamworks enabled both
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User Info: cory1225

3 years ago#2
Neither lol but if you had to chose I felt ghost had the better campaign and multiplayer
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User Info: MaxCHEATER64

3 years ago#3
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User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#4
Get CoD4. They're all the same and it's the cheapest.
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User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#5
Ghosts was a half assed console port, BO2 was a reasonably competent console port. I'd take BO2 any day of the century. wouldn't buy either on the PC side though
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User Info: Scroe

3 years ago#6
Get Orion Dino Horde instead
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