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The Last Remnant - has anybody played this? Did you like it?

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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#41
I played it a little for the Xbox 360, and oh god it was just so bad. Character interaction was immensely cheesy, the battle system is an unworkable mess and the load times were ridiculous.
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User Info: vedoris86

4 years ago#42
dragon504 posted...
Lwaxana_Troi posted...
dragon504 posted...
It's possible to make the game very hard to impossible, by improperly battling.

Only true in Xbox 360 version. PC version fixed this.

Ah, my experiences are from the 360 version. That's good to hear though. I would love a sequel that fixed up and built off the first.

the 360 version is trash , the PC version is far better, i enjoyed it alot.
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User Info: TonyWonder

4 years ago#43
Didn't expect so many people to have opinions on this game!

Just finished the demo. It certainly does seem interesting, but I think I'll wait for a sale due to the mixed reaction in this thread.

User Info: d209999

4 years ago#44
Far and away the worst game of last gen.

And I played the 'superior' PC port.
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User Info: AnatomyHorror

4 years ago#45
Got it for $3 on amazon a couple days ago. Played it for a couple hours. Thought it sucked and was boring. I don't really like jrpgs though, so I didn't think I'd like it. Just wanted to make sure.

User Info: Sephiroth Clone

Sephiroth Clone
4 years ago#46
Its good but the battle system could have used some tweaking like actually being able to pick what your characters do instead of relying on how far away you are and how much AP the squad has. Was very frustrating, and there were some battles that I just gave up on because of RNG. Though I did do every sidequest and fought the ultimate version of the final boss, victory was very satisfying but again I won by all the RNG eventually working in my favor.

Also the story is terrible and only a few characters are likeable. At least they gave the option for Japanese voice acting.
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User Info: TK-Tone

4 years ago#47
IMO, definitely worth playing just to check out the battle system. It isn't necessarily "unique", but it's a new twist on what has been done up until this point. I thought they came up with a great concept, but it could have spent another year in development. Never beat the game, but I enjoyed what time I did put into it (15-20 hours, I believe). Combat simply got too redundant with characters and a plot I didn't have much interest in.
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User Info: viserdes

4 years ago#48
My brother used to play the 360 version. The fps is awful during battle, but i doubt the pc version has this problem. His main complaint is the battle rank thingy, it can make some battles impossible to win.

User Info: GamersTavern

4 years ago#49
I've never played it, but I have heard of it.
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User Info: Raykishin

4 years ago#50
It is one of the best RPG for me. Customization is very rad, skills, equips, and how you set up the characters all make the game very engaging although you can't directly change their equips except for Rush. The difficulty is just right for me, it can get tough at one time but it doesn't seem impossible. I was murdered often and got me to restart the game every time, but I didn't get tired of it, I seek faqs when I was stuck. The only downside of this game is, it takes a bejesus amount of time to traverse and complete sidequests, unless weekend or holiday, working people will find it hard to play this game during working days.
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