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Rate this it overkill?

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User Info: JackyLumber

3 years ago#1

This build is within my price range but I'm unsure if this is overkill or not. Apparently this rig can run games smoothly at 1440p so if I went with this I'd need a new monitor. I want to run most games on max what do you think?
let's get weird

User Info: JackyLumber

3 years ago#2
it looks like the gpu has been discontinued...any suggestions on a replacement for this build?
let's get weird

User Info: someflamablekid

3 years ago#3
You could SLI 780s if you want overkill. That build is pretty high end and the parts they picked are not unreasonable. If you get dual 780s you should be set to max out games for a good 3-4 years unless something crazy comes out.

User Info: fatali

3 years ago#4
someflamablekid posted...
If you get dual 780s you should be set to max out games for a good 3-4 years unless something crazy comes out.

AKA, When Star Citizen comes out.
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#5
The replacement? R9 280x, it is the same thing.

User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#6
That's not overkill. The build I'm going to be doing at the end of next year is overkill.

CPU - i7-59--X Haswell-E
GPU - 4x EVGA 880 Classified
Case: CaseLabs TH10
RAM: 64 GB G.Skill Trident X (32-48 GB will be used for a RAM Disk)
SSD: 2x Samsung 840 Pro 512 GB
HDD: 2+ WD Caviar Black 4 TB
Optical Drive: Some BD drive
Fan Controller: Either Lamptron FC5 v3 or Sunbeam Rheosmart 6
Additional 5.25" devices: SSD Hotswap Bay

CPU Waterblock: DT 5Noz Full Copper
GPU Waterblocks: EVGA HydroCopper (there are better blocks, but I want one that completely covers the card so I don't see green circuit board in the corner)
Radiators: Up to 4x Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 480mm x 80mm radiator in push/pull
Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 360mm x 60mm radiator in push/pull
Radiator fans: Up to 35x Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 which run up to 1850 RPM
Pumps: 2x Swiftech MCP35X2 Dual Pump w/ heatsink
Reservoirs: Undecided
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User Info: fuzzyman

3 years ago#7
I wouldn't put two 7970s in that case unless it had a custom loop

For instance my 300R has two 6850s inside with some really great cooling and airflow and it still gets nice and toasty with high overclocks
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