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New to PayPal .. one question

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User Info: xnmzx

4 years ago#1
Hi guys. Finally got set up with a paypal account. Basically I know its pretty secure and safe. Got funds transferred from my checking and therefore i wont have to worry about typing up my bank info during online payments (unless of course they dont offer the PayPal service)

So far I've used it for a few transactions during Steam's recent autumn sale and am very glad that it's a pretty straightforward, hassle-free process.

Anyway, I just had one main concern. What can paypal do for me in the following scenario;

-So I purchase something online or someone locally..(electronics, services, etc..). Funds are transferred from me to them via paypal and (assuming a case where its an item being shipped to me) the seller doesn't honor the order after me paying. What can be done at that point?

Basically what are paypal's countermeasures against scammers?

User Info: mikewu1

4 years ago#2
You can dispute the charges saying you didn't get the item. Paypal is very friendly to the buyer.

User Info: ThePCElitist

4 years ago#3
Usually you can dispute this and easily win a refund of your order. If the Seller can't provide proof of shipment they lose. That's why when I sell I insure the product and provide tracking for it. That way if a shady buyer tries to scam me I can provide proof I did my part responsibly.
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User Info: xnmzx

4 years ago#4
thanks for the response guys.

Good to know PayPal has a process for such situations.
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