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Looking for a laptop that can run Skyrim..

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User Info: fuzzyman

3 years ago#11
but you have a gddr5 card in that case

not all 750m are the same

User Info: I_Am_On_Fire

3 years ago#12
Get a Lenovo Y510p or w/e with the 4700QM and 2 GB 750M. If you want, go for the 1080P screen.
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User Info: zxelman

3 years ago#13
When talking about mods, it's highly suggested to have plenty of VRAM and a pretty decent processor. 1.5-3 GB is what I'd shoot for. 1.5 is pushing it a little but can run fine. If the screen isn't a 1080p you can probably get by a little if you're lacking, though I'd get that resolution because it's pretty for a laptop.

Running vanilla Skyrim really doesn't take much on the GPU side as long as it has a recent dedicated graphics card. I never really suggest integrated for gaming unless the user just games directly on the browser, or if the laptop monitor doesn't have a high native resolution output.

Just know that Skyrim is more CPU-intense and I'd at least suggest an i5, even if you have to go dual-core, though I'd highly suggest quad-core.

User Info: Solar1214

3 years ago#14
bump for more recommendations.

User Info: NfuzedXGamer

3 years ago#15
I played skyrim ultra settings at 768P looked better than 1080p at medium settings.
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