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admit one thing you kinda hate about the PC industry

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User Info: Annihilated

3 years ago#51
DARQ MX posted...
For me, probably that you have to spend near $800 for a card for most, and I mean just most games to stay at 60fps with all the eye candy on. I understand technology is always pushing but why do the damn cards have to be almost as much as months worth of rent? lol especially after you already spend $800-100 on your new built pc with a decent cpu.. etc.

In addition to this, I kind of get the feeling that we're getting pretty close to the physical limits of how big and powerful a GPU can get. When I put in my 770 a month ago, that thing was freaking huge. It was pretty much the entire length of the case, and I had to get creative with arranging the cables so it could be properly seated. It literally could not have been any bigger or else it wouldn't fit. Plus it apparently requires a 600W power supply, which I just happened to have, but each generation of cards needs more power than the last. All this for nearly the cost of a PS4, and for a card that can't max very many new games at 1080p and 60fps.

User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#52
Just the War-z
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User Info: HerPanda

3 years ago#53
Many games lack local splitscreen (though this is also spreading through console games, annoyingly enogh).

User Info: FantasticGabe

3 years ago#54
Boge posted...
I'm hating Kickstarter and Early release games right now. It's a good idea and totally optional, but I see developers collecting their money and then stopping development.

It makes me hate people.
Gabe: Reality has exiled you, you are no longer bound by its laws. - HoboSpartan

User Info: Sc24life

3 years ago#55
The community; all pc gaming communities' culture is the same copy paste of a certain website's culture. Each game use to have their own unique culture but now it's all the same boring thing after the other.
"planetside 2 would only have 30 people running around on a small map fighting."
- GunWolfAlpha
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