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What is your PC's boot time?

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User Info: Hypnotizer

3 years ago#61
from ssd 5 seconds. Dang fast.
PSN ID: hypnotizer1977
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
3 years ago#62
rMBP here, takes about 5 seconds.
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User Info: night_drifter05

3 years ago#63
If these boot times are true then I'm glad I never wasted any money on a SSD since my normal hard drive matches most of these numbers.

User Info: teknic1200

3 years ago#64
I just picked up one of those samsung 250 GB drives.

I can read from these drives at 500+ MB/s they are blazing fast. I want to get two more, a 256 and a 124. I'll put the OS on the smaller disk and make a dynamic disk stripe with the 256 GB drives. Once RAID 0 with two drives will and I/O will go up to 1 GB/s

I just built a whole new machine today, I can't wait to get it home.
Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday

User Info: kirbyfan64sos

3 years ago#65
MarceloSampaio posted...
Dude, you have severe issues on your PC. Maybe you have too much garbage on your Windows instalation.

I've got:
-4-5 C++ compilers
-4 Python distributions
-2 Ruby distributions
-2 Lua distributions
-4 JIT compiler libraries
-10-20 VMs on VirtualBox(it was and is for development reasons, mostly before I got Ubuntu dual-booting)
-Another 2-3 VMs on VMWare
-Another ~5 VMs on Qemu
-Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal
-A bunch of ISOs for various VMs
-Two MIDI players
-A Unix environment on Windows(Cygwin)
-~20-25 GUI libraries
-3-5 Python-C++ binding generators

Maybe I do have a little too much stuff...

koujimoreno posted...

See my above answer.
This program is bug-free. If you see a bug, it's actually a feature.

User Info: fuzzyman

3 years ago#66
as fast as W7 go

User Info: Shougo_Kawada

3 years ago#67
four days

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