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Which GTX 760 Should I Buy?

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User Info: QT31416

3 years ago#11
I'd say EVGA, I'm on my third EVGA card in a row and I'm loving it.
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User Info: Littlemikesc

3 years ago#12
PhilOnDez posted...
500w is plenty for a Titan and i7. I'm not sure what the rest of your build looks like but a 760 will barely make it sweat. As for Rosewill, they have some good and some bad. See what your exact model is and look up some professional reviews on it. If the pros don't complain then there's no reason to replace it unless you think there's something wrong with it or you're running a dozen mechanical drives or something silly like that.

I linked the PSU I currently have, just not sure if it's wise to run a 760 using 30amps when the PSU only has 31 total, unless it's fine...I have no clue.
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User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#13
I'd go with EVGA as well. You'd probably have better luck with them if you ever have to act on your warranty.
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