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Recommend me a good Hard Drive for my fat PS3.

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User Info: superstud69x

4 years ago#1
Been rocking 60GB since launch, and I figure it might be time to upgrade (once it gets back from Gophermods again that is- sent it in for fixing, it came back and worked for 2 hours and then refused to show a display for some reason).

Thinking 500GB or less. Unless there's a really good deal on a 1TB.

And yeah, I know this is the PC board, but you guys have never steered me wrong before!
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User Info: KamenRiderBlade

4 years ago#2

I had a 2nd Gen PS3 with 60 GB HDD.

Then I got one of these, everything is so much nicer.

Copying stuff is faster

Loading stuff is faster

All around worthy upgrade, and the space, I just installed every game in my library and copied all the videos I wanted onto the HDD to turn my PS3 into a media machine.

Very worthy upgrade IMO.

I even turned my old 60 GB HDD into a external 2.5" HDD
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  3. Recommend me a good Hard Drive for my fat PS3.

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