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Do motherboards affect performance?

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User Info: CM_Mojica

3 years ago#1
I have a GTX 780 with a i5 2500 processor

I'm looking for a new mobo because my pc turns off after a second ( made a topic about it ).

So if I buy a 50-70 buck mobo, I'm not gonna be running games at like 20fps am I lol?

User Info: EternalFlame66

3 years ago#2
i feel like motherboard is one of the most important parts.

it will affect system stability.
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User Info: Dragnfyr

3 years ago#3
Usually the main effect a motherboard has is on the overclocking ability of the CPU.
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User Info: Mogu_Mogu

3 years ago#4
No. Motherboard benchmarking for games has all shown that it's basically either error difference or next to no difference. Most of them, from 50 dollar cheap motherboards to "gaming/enthusiast" 300 dollar boards all play games to within 2-3 fps difference. And that could just be error.

I have yet to see a motherboard that will actually affect gaming performance.

What motherboards do affect is what you can put on them and hence what you can put into your computer and overclocking/stability. Also, slightly, some motherboards have better built-in audio chipset solutions. That's about it.

I mean, you can take it another step past that and get stuff like liquid cooled systems for their south and north bridge/vrms etc but that has never been shown to conclusively increase performance of software though it does seem to help with overclocking which helps when benchmarking software.,3582-26.html
That was the easiest one to find. There are many others if you don't like tomshardware. They all basically say the same thing.
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User Info: CM_Mojica

3 years ago#5
I'm not really looking into OCing my GPU. Maybe slightly but not anything significant.

Thanks for the input
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