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What if Half Life 3 came out tomorrow on Steam?

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  3. What if Half Life 3 came out tomorrow on Steam?

User Info: Flakcon

3 years ago#21
I wouldn't care. I played HL1. I like the mods such as Sven Coop, NS, Insurgency but I don't really like the game. It was a good game to pass time though. Being young and had nothing to play kinda forces you to enjoy what you have.

Wasn't even interested in HL2. Felt it was overhyped. Only played it in 2007, didn't interest me enough. Stopped at Ravenholm. Played it earlier this year, still feel the same way.
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User Info: Allmattered

3 years ago#22
And then you enter the store page and see the low metacritic score and unimpressive trailers that makes you think otherwise

User Info: analogman

3 years ago#23
somebody336 posted...
I'd get around to finally playing Half Life 1 :p
check my quote :DD

User Info: Azardea

3 years ago#24
paradoxworld posted...
Buy it, install it, play it for an hour, and then go back to TF2.

Just like the rest of my games..

User Info: Tommy2GoGo

3 years ago#25
claytonbuckley posted...
Steam would crash


No one would be able to access steam properly without having issues.

User Info: TiamatKiller

3 years ago#26
More like what if HL3 actually lives up to the hype
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User Info: admo

3 years ago#27
Lol, seems like steam is down right now, HL3?
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User Info: MadPinoRage

3 years ago#28
I would ask non-PC people what console I should get to play Half-Life 3.
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-Albert Einstein
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