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Bitcoins and the homeless.

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User Info: wizardmon

4 years ago#11
LordSeifer posted...
how are homeless people mining bitcoins?
on a laptop you are going to generate like a dollar per week. including free electricity.

Read the article.
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User Info: LordSeifer

4 years ago#12
I read the article, i was asking wilddog

the article basically says they were just panhandling for bitcoins. or getting them from watching youtube videos.

as opposed to actually mining them, but he seemed to suggest the people there were actually mining them
^ this

User Info: su27Chaos

4 years ago#13
wildog2006 posted...
I live in Pensacola, downtown used to be hell to walk through with all the panhandlers. They passed an ordinance to stop it and now they mine bitcoins instead. No one here has any problems with it. I just wonder if they're going to start arresting them for stealing power?

well since you saw this topic before many people in PCH.

your mindset is directly to there side. i bet before you saw that article you didn't care if they steal electricity or not in public. look both articles because it's two different places.

as for welfare stuff. believe or not everything is getting expensive. owners must have to make sacrafice and expect more job losses. also current low income job isn't enough to make living off.

i would blame society and everyone. stupid how poeple laugh at people don't have iphones or android phones there way behind in the times or you didn't get latest 4k hdtv or you have no bmw. they buy all that **** even they earn 16k a year. thats why cost of living shot up like crazy because before you don't have rely on smartphones, computers and expensive tvs and cars.

if you say how can they live without those. BS should check out the 80s.
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User Info: Bowsaa

4 years ago#14
su27Chaos posted...
thats why cost of living shot up like crazy because before you don't have rely on smartphones, computers and expensive tvs and cars.

Cost of living calculations don't include those sorts of things, at least to my understanding. It just counts the essentials.

Also, you can have a decent TV or drive a decently nice car for fairly cheap, if you take your time and buy in a smart manner.

User Info: mogexpress1

4 years ago#15
Paul Harrison who lost power in one of the photos also has the same laptop that I do

I am going to go cry in the corner

then do science for less than homeless people make.
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