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Just got my Ipad Air

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User Info: EternalFlame66

3 years ago#1
Didn't take long before I started really liking it.

It's basically all pros, I haven't found a con yet...well one con, I can't seem to charge from the computer, gotta charge from the wall.


-Nice battery life
-The screen is super nice. I have no idea what it is but it's so great, probably best screen I've seen. Colors super vivid, nice resolution, black levels excellent. Comparing it to the IPS panels in imacs it seems to be even better.
-Super fast for a tablet
-It's completely silent, can't hear anything from it even when ear is right next to it
-It doesn't get hot at all
-Got some great games too. I downloaded asphalt 8 and infinity blade 3, they're both pretty fun.
-The smart cover is very nice. Attaches easily, gives 2 different layers of elevation for the ipad and also some protection for the front screen.
-Easily hooks up to HDMI TV with lightning digital AV adapter
-iOS apps are really amazing. I wish I could use some of them on the desktop.
-Nice sound as well, was suprised. Much better than the sound on my dell laptop.

I think laptop is on its way out for the casual user. I just don't see any reason why you'd have a laptop instead of a tablet if all you need to do is watching videos, and surfing the web. Sure you can do that on a smartphone but the screen is way too small to do that comfortably.
Such is your fate.

User Info: Majoras_pants

3 years ago#2
Tablets are an in between device. They're not replacing laptops any time soon.

I had an iPad and now I have a Nexus 7. I love tablets. But they're not going to replace anything as is. We'll most likely just see more and more hybrids.

Everybody keeps talking about what's going to replace computers, when nobody really knows because it's probably not out yet.

Desktops aren't going anywhere until we see another open platform for gaming that can do what a PC can do. Laptops aren't going anywhere until a device can match their educational and professional value.

Most people use laptops for college and many use them afterwards for work. Tablets are good for gaming and surfing the web but the average person needs more than that from their computer.
"What's a strategy game? You mean like Mass Effect?"- A console gamer

User Info: jgatlabayan

3 years ago#3
I use my iPad during a meeting with a client or to play Commander mode for Battlefield 4. A tablet can't replace the use of a laptop.
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User Info: emmece

3 years ago#4
My surface Pro 2 has comletely replaced my laptop.
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