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1080p or 1440? 60hz or 120hz? 24in or 27in? This is worse than choosing a mouse!

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User Info: LtMessiahDM504

4 years ago#1
I bought an Asus MX279 from BB for $300 as a placeholder. I am very impressed by the physical (as opposed to mental) design of it. But I want to be sure I choose the right one before I am stuck with it.

Right now I have a 3gb 580 so I won't be pushing much more than 60 fps in games like BF3. I don't plan to SLI for awhile because I want to change out my motherboard. I did have 2x 6950s but they practically touched each other and I was very uncomfortable with that.

I doubt I need 144hz modded monitors for that extra edge. I play RTS, RPG, FPS, etc but nothing competitively. And if I play BF3 or CSGo its not on a professional level. I do play to win but I am not in a clan or feel I need that extra edge. Mainly, I wanted to see 120hz in action. Plus I am coming from a 40 inch 1080p 60hz samsung so I wanted an upgrade in some way since I am losing screen real estate.

1440p would be great but how irritating is it to deal with the font size when regularly using the internet and such? I could always go 1440 now and just turn some settings down until I eventually get a better video card.

Also would like a monitor with good image quality. I read up on a few of the 'gaming' 144hz monitors and some reviews mentioned the colors weren't that great next to an IPS panel.

Any advice or recommendations?

User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#2
I'd just go with a solid 1080p 60Hz monitor. If you're not pushing 60FPS+ constantly on stuff you want to play, then there's no reason to get a 120Hz one IMO.

And the performance hit to play at 1440p just doesn't seem worth it right now.

As for size...that's almost completely personal preference. It's based on how you sit and how far you sit from your monitor.
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User Info: Faiyez

4 years ago#3
Why not have everything?

27 inch, 1440p, 120Hz overclockeable IPS panel from Korea. You can get them from eBay.
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User Info: LtMessiahDM504

4 years ago#4
I was just checking out the Qnix Qx2710 and it looks intriguing. The only thing is that it doesn't support the gaming systems and I do have a 360 and PS3 that I wouldn't mind having hooked up to my monitor.

Another question that has just come into play is whether or not my graphics card has dual link Dvi for the 1440. MSI GTX 580 3gb lightning xtreme. Do the dual link dvi ports look different than regular DVI? I know it has 1 hdmi, 1 displayport, and 2 dvi...

User Info: LtMessiahDM504

4 years ago#5

well it appears that it has 2 dual link dvi

User Info: CaptainMetMan

4 years ago#6
To provide an argument for 1440p, the performance hit isn't nearly as much as you might expect because you don't have to run much antialiasing, if any, because of the increased resolution over 1080p. Sure if you want to max, but why max something and use more power if the effects are negligible.

Kept all settings for my games just lowered AA and getting similar FPS as 1080p.

User Info: LtMessiahDM504

4 years ago#7
Well I turn AA down low now for heavily demanding games as it is now. I also turn off things like SSAO. I would notice the difference side by side maybe, but it doesn't affect my gaming. At least in my case.

I am looking into these Korean monitors now. Im hearing catleap, qnix, and shimian

User Info: PraetorXyn

4 years ago#8
I'd suggest an Asus PB278Q.
As far as 27" 2560x1440 IPS panels go, that one is semi-glossy I believe (I despise matte coatings as I keep my room dark where I use the computer so they aren't needed), and at a price of $500-$600 is the best one you're going to get without going to one of the glossy Samsung panels for $1000-$1100.
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User Info: Frankie_Spankie

4 years ago#9
If you don't plan on SLIing any time soon, I'd suggest going with the 1080 monitor for now. 4K monitors just came out and 1440p monitors are still pricey but have been out for about 2 years now. You can get a good 1080p monitor for less than $150. I bet if you wait a year from now, a 1440p monitor would be $150~ less than a comparitive model right now. It's only a matter of time before the prices drop dramatically like 1080p monitors did and with 1440 being out for a couple of years and 4K just coming out, they should drop sooner rather than later.

Use a place holder for now and when you do get a new mobo/video card(s,) you can look at your options to upgrade your monitor then. Afterall, a powerful monitor like that today probably won't run anything crazy with your PC now. It'd just be a waste until then and at that point, you might be stuck having spent a lot more money than needed.
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User Info: LtMessiahDM504

4 years ago#10
PraetorXyn - I might want to stick away from a glossy panel. I could use blackout curtains but the light on the ceiling fan would probably show up when using the computer during the day, right?

Da Hui - That thought crossed my mind. If I get a 780 ti in a few months, would that be enough to push BF4 into the 60+ range? I hate using vsync....feels so off.
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