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How much do you trust Google?

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User Info: Lady Une

Lady Une
3 years ago#11
Just as much as I trust any corporate entity, business or external party that has their own objectives.
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User Info: ChromaticAngel

3 years ago#12
some of their design decisions I don't agree with from a user perspective, but as a company, they are one of the least evil, and most everything they do is done with a pro consumer attitude.
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User Info: fuzzyman

3 years ago#13
one day their infrastructure is gonna get hacked and some really good dirt will be unearthed

User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#14
I trust google as much as I trust paypal. As long as they don't start asking me for my ID, passport, Social Insurance Number (Canada) and etc; I'm fine with it. Use my porn searches for your google database for fetishes. Once they do; I bail.

User Info: bluemoogle

3 years ago#15
I'm fairly pro-Google. As far as corporations go, they seem the most benign, plus the founders fund various projects that seem genuinely positive for humanity (environmental/medical stuff). It's not perfect, nothing is, and I wouldn't blindly defend Google if they did something wrong. But if corporations usurp governments for control of the world, I think I'll want to live in Googleland (at least vs Sonyland or Appleland or McDonaldland)
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User Info: KarnRX78

3 years ago#16
A year or two I would have said I've a little trust in them. I don't now though, they're starting to get like Microsoft, and I don't trust them at all.
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User Info: akuma634

3 years ago#17
Option 3, I liked it much better when they were nothing more than a search engine. Even then there are situations where if the government asked them to turn over personal user data, Google wouldn't even ask why, they'd just send it all ASAP. What's more troubling is the more they get bigger the worse they make the internet aspects they control, they really did a number on YouTube and made it as miserable as it is now. Google+ is a crock of s***. They made their own social media and the kicker is if you have a smart phone that runs on Android, it's mandatory that you sign up for a Google+ account just to use your phone. They made it mandatory for YouTube and did their best to put a face to all the comments, even giving crap to people using fake names on their profile. Then they brag about what a success Google+ is, well yeah you forced people to make accounts. I feel like they're going to be the Electronic Arts of the internet, get the anti-Midas touch that turns everything they touch into poop.

User Info: Omegachaos87

3 years ago#18
The bottom one. Although I use CCleaner to make 3 passes to clear all temporary internet files and cookies every time I close the browser. I also switch between a few different VPNs from time to time.

I also use disposable email accounts for my own security, and to keep spam out of my real email accounts. Companies like google actually buy up email address info in bulk, and then sell the info in bulk to spammers. Disposable emails, and of course, never using your real email account to register for anything ever on the internet throws a wrench in that operation.

User Info: Frankie_Spankie

3 years ago#19
Middle option, years ago, it would have been much higher. I suspect in the upcoming years, it will be much lower too...
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#20
ChromaticAngel posted...
most everything they do is done with a pro consumer attitude.

Is that why every time I search for something the first page is nothing but ads trying to sell me stuff? Zing!
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