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What is, in your opinion, the worst fictional world in videogames?

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  3. What is, in your opinion, the worst fictional world in videogames?

User Info: Ningishzida

3 years ago#41
Tamriel, just mindless crap made up by idiots (Bethesda).

User Info: Featherwind

3 years ago#42
Maybe not the worst but I was shocked at how bad the FF world is. FFXIV: ARR is a remake of the 14th FF title (and I'm sure that there are a ton of spinoffs) but everything feels like something they came up with just before some deadline so that they could say that the game technically has a full, varied and complete world. The game wouldn't be worse if it did not have any fantasy background, world or story at all and would be just enemies in empty black space. I'm not even exaggerating. The world could hardly be more useless and uninteresting. It's not the worst game ever but I really couldn't stand another game in a world where after collecting 6 herbs for the Roegadyn Ahldskyf you purchase a ticket from the Mi'qote L'nophlo so that you can travel to Ul'dah. I don't get how people stand or even like single player FF games. Not only is the setting unsalvageable the story is also astoundingly bad and genuinely feels like it's been written on drugs.

Also I have yet to meet someone who cares about Ashan. I've played almost all the games set in it yet I don't remember almost anything about it.

User Info: doctoglethorpe

3 years ago#43
g7g7g7g7 posted...
Any fictional conflict that paints America as a country in a desperate struggle for survival against more powerful enemies and all the faux patriotism that is derived from it, A la homefront, COD MW2 etc.

This except its not even about more powerful enemies usually but more of a seeming incompetence on our part to properly manage our own power thus "bigger they are the harder they fall" syndrome against what we are presented as practically the modern equivalent of the barbaric hordes that sacked Rome. But anyways, patriotism patriotism patriotism. Parrotism.

User Info: shubon1

3 years ago#44
DiviDude posted...
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Turns out the whole damn universe is really just in some MMO. Worst plot twist ever.

100% agreed. Makes the prequels seem like it was all for nothing.

User Info: Ikari Gendo

Ikari Gendo
3 years ago#45
pothocket posted...
Ikari Gendo posted...
From my understanding, warhammer 40k is the kind of universe where genocidal religious zealots are the heroes.

You're dangerously close to having your gamer card forcibly removed and cut up.

Thankfully I wouldn't care.

I'm just going by the tvtropes on 40K. It basically shows that every side are awful people including the heroes, whoever they are.

User Info: RPGMatt

3 years ago#46
Pandora from Borderlands 2. Can't interact with anything but the guns pretty much, forgettable story, most of the inhabitants are annoying.

User Info: thatauthor

3 years ago#47
Probably the one in Bullet Witch. not because its bad per se, but because its not flushed out enough. if it were a triple A RPG with extensive lore, it would have been mind blowing.
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  3. What is, in your opinion, the worst fictional world in videogames?

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