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Help with upgrading my PC

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User Info: merqabah

4 years ago#1
I wish to focus on Pc gaming after having skipped a generation on it.
i dont want the best graphics, but good enough to play next gen games on equal resolution as the new consoles
i have as a processor:
intel core i5 3.20 ghz
and 8 GiG Ram

here is the crux:
im looking at some possible cards, videocards are expensive in my country, either a gtx 660 for 250 Dollars or a gtx 770 for 600 dollars, the gtx 780 is almost 1000,
im looking for more bang for the buck, so which would you choose(if any), because a 20% or so increase in performance for 4 times the prices doesnt sound too appealing to me.

secondly how warrented is the processor upgrade?

thanks for your help

User Info: bluezero

4 years ago#2
Bang for the buck is more AMD's thing, unless your country is also caught up in this Bitcoin thing.
Of all the zeroes, I'm the bluest.
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