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do I need a new PSU?

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User Info: JohnnyKooch

4 years ago#1
I'm having a problem with my new motherboard. This is also the exact same issue I had with a completely different but also new motherboard I had a few months ago.

After I haul the 7 year old mobo out and plug a new gigabyte mobo w/ a new CPU (reason for new mobo), when I press the power, all fans start for a slight second and cut off instantly. So they basically go back to where they were. So nothing is powered on longer for a second, if that. I posted this for the other new mobo I tried months ago with the same results. And the answers very slightly lead to me needing a new PSU.

I just dont get it though, it works fine when I go back and plug the old reliable back in. Its a giant thermaltake tough power, so huge my brother bent the case to fit it in. I can't even see the watts but it was more than enough for the X2 5000+ and a giant radeon he put in back in the day, and the GPU I have now is a low profile budget nvidia.

I just really want to know if psu's get outdated like this? Its 0 for 2 so far when it comes to powering new mobos. Everything is plugged in, or what's required anyway.

User Info: Cheech001

4 years ago#2
If it's a Haswell processor, it is a possibility. They have a power state that is very low and some older PSU's are unable to provide that small amount of power.
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