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I need a modern, deep, large, turn-based JRPG for PC

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Haley Joel Osment 4 years ago#21
Jprime666 posted...
Riot55555 posted...
The Last Remnant. It is a lot better than people say, don't listen to whiners.

No it's not. It's mediocre at best. Cool that you like it, but that doesn't make it good.

TLR has a deep and rewarding battle system at the very least. The PC port is also fantastic. It looks great and fixes a lot of broken gameplay stuff from the 360 version.
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#22
Pokemon on an emulator? :D
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User Info: vashtricham

4 years ago#23
Best modern game you will get is FF14 and trails in the sky when it is released on steam.
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User Info: Alpha321

4 years ago#24
I'm going to recommend Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It's a turn based JRPG with a deep story (spanning 6 games so far and still counting). The big problem here is that it doesn't exist on PC outside of Japan, however, XSeed has promised the first game will be released on steam this winter. It's currently available on the psn for I think $20 if you want to check it out. Just something to keep in mind though since you can't play on PC just yet.
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User Info: Ikari Gendo

Ikari Gendo
4 years ago#25
I'll back Last Remnant also. Though maybe it's just me, but I found it quite hard. Actually got stuck at a boss because I f***ed up my leveling.

User Info: truekain

4 years ago#26
TC, when I read the topic title, The Last Remnant immediately poped to mind, as it fits all the criteria you asked perfectly.

It has nice graphics, a very, VERY deep battle system with loads of tinkering options in between battles, it's very long and also has a lot of post game content like super bosses.

Lots of people seem to have a problem with it because of the battle system's uniqueness, as in you can't tell your unions ( which are essentially groups of characters participating in battle, by the end of the game you can have up to 5 unions compromising out of 18 characters ) what to do exactly, but rather issue broadly sounding commands and hope for the best.

At first I also thought it's a stupid system that needlessly takes away control from the player, but with experience in training characters and forming correctly matched unions ( which there are endless possibilities as there's a ton of characters to choose from ), it's relatively simple to have your units do what you want them to and work like a well oiled machine.
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User Info: mr_nonsense50

4 years ago#27
What I would reccomend is a PS1/PS2 emulator program, a controller you can program for the game and DIGIMON WORLD 2/3.... lemme know how that works for you. For the haters, play them you downplay them.
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User Info: RPG Eater

RPG Eater
4 years ago#28
This isn't modern, but Betrayal at Krondor is fun. You need to use DOSbox to get it to work, though, which can be a bit of a pain.
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User Info: TrueGB

4 years ago#30
I hear good things about Recettear.

Trails in the Sky will be released on Steam sometime in the near future.

I don't really know the JRPG market on the PC though. Try RPGamer. That's their forte.
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