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noob steam help

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User Info: ethsfan

3 years ago#11
arleas posted...
Don't buy it just yet. Wait till next week when the big steam sale starts and then keep an eye out for the game to go on sale.

From: ethsfan | #008
have no idea what the rest is


How do i find out if my tablet meets the graphics/sound/directx requirements for games?

You can do one of three things:
1) open a command shell (or use the run command from the start menu) and type in dxdiag (and then hit enter)
2) since you have a surface 2 pro, look it up online
3) download a program called "speccy" which can tell you everything that is in your computer. (speccy download: )

Right now the easiest thing is just to google it, and google says
Processor: Intel Core i5 4200U
Graphics Adapter: Intel HD Graphics 4400

So when you're looking at the minimum specs, if it's more than a Intel HD 4400 then you're in trouble... but you're fine for the Ys games and probably most indie games as well.

DirectX usually means that your OS and graphics card have to support that level.. but the HD 4400 says it'll support dx11 so you probably don't have to worry about that. The game requires DX9 and you're well past that.

Sound, well, you shouldn't have to worry about that either... Sound cards didn't rapidly advance in technology like video cards did so just about any on board sound is good enough.

Thank you so much. I'll download steam when i get home now instead of getting a psp.

User Info: JsReznor

3 years ago#12
PSP? Do they even sell those anymore?

One hint - if you're looking to game on the go on your Surface, make sure to either have some form of data connection, or remember to change Steam into Offline Mode BEFORE you leave your data connection. They said they are going to change it soon, but Steam doesn't play well in Online Mode with no data connection.

User Info: thatauthor

3 years ago#13
Asellus posted...
Ys Origin has a demo, just download that and see how it works for you.

I agree with this post. I'm a staunch demo supporter.
I have to browse like a peasant ~ pizzaman95
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